Maundy Thursday: Descent and ascent

The Son of God descends from realms on highStations of the Cross
He stoops, bows low, impov’rishes Himself
Divine and human natures both He ties
To raise us up, enrich us with His wealth.

He plunges deep to catch His fallen prize
He scorns the proud and mingles with the shamed
He calls them friends and beckons them to rise,
Exalted now with Him, by Him reclaimed.

The Lord, who dwells above the mercy seat,
Still humbly serves His creatures gone corrupt,
Bends down and washes His disciples’ feet.
He kneels beneath them, then He lifts them up.

The Christ, Anointed One, is crucified
Below the lowly dust His body goes
And far beneath His kingly rank, He dies,
And honored sonship on us He bestows.


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