It’s done.

Have you ever had a random song slip inside your mind and play there for a while, and you wonder how it got there? But then you retrace your mental steps and figure out why?

hymn musicThis happened to me the other day. It was after I finished a task. Can’t remember what it was. Just one of those odious items that inspire dread when I see them on my to-do list. One of those things that cause my carefully constructed image of Organized-Person-Who-Never-Procrastinates to wobble a bit.

I crossed it off my list with a flourish. I relished the sense of relief. Nudged my self-image back into place.

Then I realized, a few minutes later, that I had a hymn rolling around in my head. Here it is.

Where did that come from? I thought. I hadn’t heard that song recently.

Then I laughed at my absurdity. I was happy to get a task done, and my subconscious stumbled upon this hymn to celebrate. But this song wasn’t celebrating the fact that I, Allison Duncan, had gotten something done. It was declaring that the most important task in the cosmos was done. That there is no need for fretting about deadlines or opportunities missed, because it is finished.

Its full effects have yet to be worked out across the world, yes. But we have a promise that the One who initiated it will carry it on to completion. This calls for a hallelujah.

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