Highlights from Festival of Faith and Writing 2014

Festival of Faith and WritingWanna hear a few gems from some of today’s best writers? I just returned from the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College, and here are some of my favorite snippets from the speakers:

Could it be that the leaves of books are for the healing of the nations? —Debra Rienstra

Art is like an organ. You can’t function without your liver, but your body is not just your liver. Art is not all of life, but it is an important part of life. —Gene Luen Yang

We need humor to survive, especially when writing about tragedy. Christ prayed all night before choosing his disciples. And then he chose Judas. Can you beat that? —Uwem Akpan

I was desperately trying to pull light into my narrative, to make it beautiful. But there are times in grief when you can’t find hope, and there is space for mourning in the Scriptures. You can’t have Easter without Good Friday. Jesus can’t be resurrected without being crucified. Writing lament is about writing true, not writing what you think you should say. —Shannon Huffman Polson

Most of what I do involves failure. These books are some of my few successes. Learn how to fail, and then walk away from it and forget about it, but learn what it has to teach you about success. … Skepticism is good. Cynicism is a killer of dreams. —James McBride

More to come…


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