A poem

A peach’s flesh is sunset-hued
Its fiery edges cool, bleeding to a darkened red
At its juice-slicked core.

Morning rays lather a leaf
It captures their glow, swells with illumination,
Frolics at its zenith, and hurls them beyond itself,
Lending them its green, a borrowed grace.

A bristled frond of grass is sheathed in icy lace
Starry patterns spangle its feathered stem
Blooming there in silent filigree of glass.A child is a bright sprout of joy
A flicker of clambering movement at play
Whose features ripple into an exultant smile–a crowning glory–
Through which a jubilance eternal leaps.

How can so small a thing
Show forth the glory
Of so great a God?

4 thoughts on “A poem

  1. Allison,
    Such a beautiful image of a leaf shinning forth God’s glory! I love your style of “beginning with the everyday and ending in the infinite”. Keep imagining and writing. Alberta

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